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Thor Guard


Corporate Headquarters

Sunrise, Florida


Key Employees

Bob Dugan – President


Thor Guard is a world leader in lightning prediction and warning systems, committed to utilizing emerging technologies in the development of systems that provide automatic notification of hazardous weather conditions — on golf courses and beyond.

Golf accounts for about 10% of Thor Guard’s business, with almost 3,000 systems installed worldwide, from schools to park districts.

East Lake, Medinah Country Club and Olympia Fields are among the golf courses that use Thor Guard’s advanced lightning warning for guests, members and employees, as do the portfolio of TPC facilities, Marriott Golf and resort properties. The system can also automatically shut down the irrigation systems at a golf course and provide computer protection.

Thor Guard began manufacturing Lightning Prediction Systems in 1973. Over the years, the company has studied tens of millions of hours of lightning strike data with over a billion hours of operations, continually improving its unique Prediction and Detection Technology with state-of-the-art hardware.

“Thor Guard’s success is backed by the countless lives we have touched,” President Bob Dugan said. “Our commitment to strive for perfection is boundless, even though we know that absolute perfection in the area of Lightning Warning seems inconceivable. Any improvements we can make, regardless of the cost, are worth pursuing.”

A Thor Guard system at State Team USGA event in Jacksonville. (Photo courtesy: Thor Guard)

With its own team of designers, engineers and meteorologists, Thor Guard has developed prediction algorithms for proactive Lightning Prediction Systems that stand apart from industry competitors by detecting lightning before it strikes.

Among Thor Guard’s partners in the golf industry are the USGA, the PGA of America, the AJGA, Marriott Golf properties, the TPC network of courses, Trump Golf, and the National Golf Course Owners Association.

NGF Takeaways

Traditional golf is a game played entirely outdoors and, as such, is dependent on the weather. Thor Guard through the years has carved out a lucrative and respected niche in the golf industry as the leader in advanced lightning warning systems, providing safeguards for golf facilities, as well as their members, guests and employees.

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