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Standard Golf


Corporate Headquarters

Cedar Falls, Iowa


Key Employees

Peter Voorhees – President and CEO

Scott Hottle – General Manager

Matt Pauli – Director of Marketing

Lind Hunemuller – National Sales Manager


Founded in 1910 as a local farm equipment manufacturer in Cedar Falls, Iowa, Standard Golf Company is now the world’s oldest continually operated manufacturer and marketer of golf course accessories, providing products and services for golf course superintendents, pro shops, and driving ranges alike.

In-stock and customized accessories include flags and flagsticks, bunker rakes, ball washers, course signs, cups, litter receptacles, and yardage markers. The company is also the manufacturer of the Magnum Pro Tool line of maintenance products, which run the gamut – from ball pickers for the driving range, to machines that wash and dispense practice balls.

Standard Golf’s Medalist ball washer is shown at Bogogno Golf Resort, located in Bogogno, Italy.
(Photo courtesy: Standard Golf)

Golf wasn’t in Standard’s DNA at the start though, as the company originally produced items like steel farm gates, cistern covers, wagon tongues, and automatic hog waterers. It wasn’t until more than a decade later – in 1921 – that Cedar Falls built its first nine-hole golf facility; at that time, Walter Voorhees, Standard’s founder, realized no company offered a complete and standardized line of golf course accessories.

“The idea struck me that here was a field for an alert manufacturer,” said Voorhees. “Why not develop a complete line of needs in this field? A standard line. Why not develop a product so good that it would be in demand all over the United States?”

The local Iowa equipment manufacturer, first known as Standard Manufacturing Company, would eventually change the game of golf. The company removed its agricultural line in 1971 and changed its name to Standard Golf three years later. It even drew on its history to create innovative new products, such as the automatic hog waterer, which became the hand-crank ball washer that’s almost universal throughout the industry.

Today, Standard Golf’s course accessories and products are sold by more than 250 distributors on six continents.

The company’s products are ubiquitous at courses around the world, from the aforementioned flagsticks, rakes, and ball-washers, to hole whitening systems and the polyethylene containers on tee boxes that hold mixtures of seed and sand.

Walter Voorhees’ grandson, Peter, is now the President and CEO at the privately held, employee-owned company, which currently produces almost every possible golf course accessory.

NGF Takeaways

With a history that stretches back more than a century, Standard Golf has a strong reputation throughout the golf industry for its quality people and products. And, just as Walter Voorhees shifted the company’s direction almost 100 years ago, Standard Golf continues to produce new products that push the golf industry forward.

From the markers and signs on the first tee, to the flag and cup on the 18th green, there are few companies in the entirety of the industry with a reach as extensive – especially in golf facilities around the U.S. – as Standard Golf.

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