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Corporate Headquarters

Lafayette, Louisiana


Key Employees

Tom Cox – President


From a 100-square-foot room to a state of the art 20,000-square foot facility, Golfballs.com has grown into a world leader in online golf ball and equipment sales, with a strong focus on customized products.

After logging $17,000 in sales as a startup in 1995 (and the first e-commerce business in Louisiana), the company now exceeds $33 million in annual sales.

Golfballs.com initially sold only used golf balls, but has instead transitioned to selling only a complete selection of new balls, along with caps, shoes, bags, clubs and more. The company’s focus is to provide customers with the ability to easily, quickly and affordably personalize golf gifts and gear — with approximately 80% of its overall business customized in some way.

“Our proprietary technology allows us to offer golfers customized products, printed on-demand, at the speed of Amazon,” said company President and founder Tom Cox. “This advantage allows us to thrive in a highly competitive market.”

Golfballs.com is the world leader in customized golf products, offering a complete selection of products from the biggest brands in golf. (Photo courtesy: Golfballs.com)


The company’s website features an online visualization tool that allows customers to consider close to 1,000 possible designs in more than 50 categories — with options from personalized text to a photo of a favorite pet. Golfballs.com prints around 100,000 balls per week, with a turnaround efficiency that can have a dozen customized balls ordered on a Monday morning delivered by Tuesday. The golf ball business accounts for about 85% of the company’s bottom line.

“Our online visualization technology allows customers to know exactly what they are getting before they hit the order button,” Cox said. “As a result we are able to offer our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, even on customized products.”

Golfballs.com also has a key partnership with Team Golf, which owns and manages licenses for the National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League and the National Collegiate Athletic Association, as well as the U.S. military. Through this agreement, Golfballs.com can offer a wide range of officially licensed products bearing NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA logos as well as insignia or designs from all major military branches.


Some of Golfballs.com’s newest customization options. (Image courtesy: Golfballs.com)


Golfballs.com first eclipsed the $1 million sales mark in 1999 and was among the small percentage of online businesses that survived and flourished when the “dot-com” business crashed in 2001.

NGF Takeaways

Golfballs.com has grown into a world leader in its niche — specifically customization — of the $900,000 million-a-year golf ball business.

While many major online retailers and golf ball companies can put personalize products, Golfballs.com retains its relevance and prominence by continually exploring new ideas and concepts to provide customers with unique and innovative offerings.

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