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A Publication of the National Golf Foundation

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GOLF Magazine


Corporate Headquarters

New York, New York


Key Employees

Jason Adel – CEO, GOLF
David DeNunzio – Editor-in-Chief, GOLF
Rob DeChiaro – Chief Digital Officer


Since its inception in 1959, GOLF Magazine has been among the most successful publications in the industry, providing in-depth content on professional golfers, instruction, equipment, travel and the best courses in the world.

A print edition of GOLF Magazine is published monthly and its popular website, GOLF.com, is home to regular features, news, rankings and video. Together, they reach an audience of more than 9 million across digital, print and social platforms. The magazine has a number of annual and bi-annual franchise features, including course rankings such as the Top 100 in the U.S., Top 100 in the world and best courses you can play. It also highlights the game’s top teachers, resorts and clubs.

After being acquired by Howard Milstein, both GOLF Magazine and GOLF.com got a new look, feel and direction through a multi-million dollar investment in its properties and people.

“Our re-imagined products have just one purpose: to inspire you to practice and play more,” Milstein wrote in a publisher’s letter in the February 2019 issue of GOLF Magazine.

The website overhaul included new features such as an emphasis on original video, a dynamic instruction platform that uses Artificial Intelligence, improved functionality and digital optimization, and an E-commerce platform. The result was a rise of more than 115% in unique visits in 2019.

The magazine shifted to a more visually dynamic modern design, combining the writing chops of Vanity Fair, the photography of Sports Illustrated and the design of Esquire into a celebration of golf, with fresh perspectives and personalities to explore golf and its culture. In addition, the print publication improved its integration with GOLF.com. With an emphasis on service journalism, inspirational storytelling and an effort to engage golfers in meaningful conversation about the game’s future, GOLF Magazine drew an audience of more than 4.2 million every month.

“We owe it to readers to offer the foundation print media is supposed to be,” said GOLF CEO Jason Adel. “We’ve reestablished that permanent look and feel. It’s something you want to keep around and is dedicated to the game you love.”

For 18 years, GOLF Magazine was a part of Time Inc.’s Sports Illustrated Golf Group. In February 2018, Milstein, the New York banking and real estate mogul, purchased Time Inc.’s golf-related holdings. GOLF Magazine and the GOLF.com digital properties are among the portfolio of golf interests for Milstein, who has been co-chairman of  The Nicklaus Companies since 2007 and is an investor in Miura and True Spec.

Milstein created a holding company, 8AM GOLF, to oversee his varied golf interests, a lineup that also includes Golf Logix and Club Conex.

“My investment in GOLF is one of many opportunities I’ve pursued within the golf world,” Milstein said. “Together, they deliver much of what you need to have more fun both on and off the course — and then some.”

NGF Takeaways

GOLF’s print and digital publications underwent a notable change under Milstein’s ownership, yet stayed true to their most important assignment: enriching and celebrating the game of golf.

By combining innovative design and photography with terrific journalism, the bigger, glossier and bolder GOLF magazine set a new standard for its long-established bran

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