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Global Value Commerce


Corporate Headquarters

Raleigh, North Carolina


Key Employees

Ed Byman, CEO
Dave Hunt – President and COO
Leigh Bader – Executive VP
Zack Veasey – Senior VP and Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer
Mark Larson – Senior VP and CFO
Alan Lloyd – Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer
Mike Slock – Vice President, Technology and Innovation


Founded in 2001, Global Value Commerce, Inc. (GVC) is a technology and e-commerce solutions provider, secondary market expert, and owner/operator of one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms for pre-owned golf equipment and new golf gear.

GVC’s flagship, GlobalGolf.com, and companion sites, 3balls.com and FairwayStyles.com, are leading online destinations for golfers seeking new golf equipment, accessories, and apparel, as well as previously-played golf gear. Through innovative technologies and practices, GVC specializes in allowing its customers to “Try. Buy. Trade.”

GVC provides customized technology e-commerce solutions and insights to most of the leading OEMs, retailers, and associations in the industry.

The Global Value Commerce warehouse. (Photo courtesy: GVC)


Backed by its best-in-class inventory management and logistics, tight quality assurance, advanced technology, and golf product expertise, the company’s solutions and services facilitate consumer access to greater levels of pre-owned products and support the efforts of the company’s partners to sell more products, operate more efficiently, and reach more customers.

In 2018, GVC introduced golf’s first online-only trial program for golf clubs at GlobalGolf.com. Through its “U-try” Try Before You Buy program, golfers can test new equipment for a two-week trial from all of the industry’s leading manufacturers, including Top 100 businesses like Callaway, Cleveland, Cobra, PING, TaylorMade, Titleist, and others. All types of clubs (drivers, fairways, hybrids, iron sets, wedges, and putters) are available and those products selected for trial are shipped directly to the customer.

Global Value Commerce is also the publisher of the PGA Value Guide that the company developed exclusively for the golf industry in partnership with the PGA of America. The PGA Value Guide catalogs a vast array of product information and has served as the National Standard for Golf Club Values since 2004. It is available to (and is used annually by) millions of golfers, retailers, and PGA professionals to determine the air-market value for pre-owned club and to facilitate the trade-in of used equipment.

Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, GVC has distribution facilities in Raleigh and Salt Lake City, Utah. In addition, during 2017, the company opened a facility in Ontario to better serve the Canadian golf market through its GlobalGolf.ca website.

NGF Takeaways

Global Value Commerce’s effectiveness in creating its integrated pre-owned supply chain tools, along with the PGA Value Guide, has served both itself and the industry exceedingly well — bringing structure and stability to the ways in which golf equipment is bought, sold, and traded online. The Guide is regarded as the Kelley Blue Book of the pre-owned golf club market.

In addition, the industry and the company’s partners have achieved significant benefits from the streamlined, standardized, and pre-owned supply chain tools that the company provides.

Furthermore, consumers are guaranteed to receive the highest values offered in the industry for their trade-ins through the PGA Value Guide. Impressively, every $1 in trade-in value generally enables up to $6 in revenue for the retailer that processes a trade-in of pre-owned equipment through the PGA Value Guide. It is easy math to see why this is a huge win for all participants in the industry.

Through the company’s extensive network of partnerships and technology investments, GVC has positioned itself to offer the industry’s largest selection of new and pre-owned products and services, while also providing the golf consumer an unmatched flexibility to meet any budget or need.

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