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Gallus Golf


Corporate Headquarters


Key Employees

Jason Wilson – CEO
Rob Hoffman – VP of Sales and Marketing


Gallus Golf is an industry leader in course branded mobile golf app software, helping golf course operators enhance the golfer experience and create better engagement with customers and members through technology.

CEO Jason Wilson said he regards Gallus Golf first and foremost as a customer service and experience company, with apps being the primary vehicle to help clients deliver on the expectations of consumers today. He notes that apps are one of the most effective ways to deliver a great mobile experience and drive engagement with customers.

“More and more consumers today expect a great mobile experience in nearly everything they do on a daily basis,” Wilson says. “When they research a new product to buy, search where to get lunch, get directions to a destination, or what golf course to play, in most cases their first reaction is to reach for their smartphone to find the answer.”

Wilson notes that this trend applies to all golfers, not just younger golfers. Among users of Gallus apps, 64% of them are 55 years old and up.

While Gallus Golf can create a custom mobile app for a golf facility that includes a Virtual Caddie, that is only the very beginning.

Gallus offers a host of marketing solutions, chief among them its full-service offering called BOOST. That system provides long-term marketing strategies for golf clubs while handling the weekly execution of email campaigns, app management, social media, online reputation management, and graphic design. This ongoing marketing partnership with facilities has relieved operators of handling daily marketing tasks, allowing them to focus on business operations and their customers — and with a fraction of the investment of hiring a dedicated marketing staff.

“We’ve got a tremendous team that is very passionate about golf,” Wilson said. “What we honestly discuss every week is `Man, we have built some awesome stuff for golf courses! How can we get more using it and getting the most out of it.’ The ideas, solutions, and technology we produce from that mindset span well beyond a simple (app).”

Other solutions that Gallus provides for golf facilities:

  • Marketing collateral for clients to help create awareness about events, membership offers, tournaments, or their brand in general
  • Implementing Loyalty Programs that foster significant customer appreciation, drive repeat spending, and increased customer loyalty to their brand
  • Producing creative marketing campaigns across email, web, social media, mobile apps, and on-course messaging to increase revenue across all facets of a customer’s business
  • Building innovative technology to enhance golf outings for clients, helping to deliver a fun and interactive customer experience
  • Delivering new and effective ways for course clients to communicate with customers and members about news, events and happenings at their club
  • Helping clients learn more about their customers’ behaviors and how to create a personal experience that’s relative to each



NGF Takeaways

In society today, apps are one of the most effective ways for a business to increase engagement with customers.

As an industry leader in the golf space, Gallus is building a strong reputation by helping courses and clubs enhance that golfer experience while using technology to create better engagement with customers and members.

While apps are front and central to Gallus’s business model, the customer service aspect comes first. Because in golf, experience is king.


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