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Arccos Golf


Corporate Headquarters

Stamford, Connecticut


Key Employees

Sal Syed: Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Fabrice Blanc: Senior Vice President of Hardware

Colin Phillips: Senior Vice President of Software

Tom Williams: Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing



Arccos is a leading provider of automatic on-course data capture and advanced analytics for golfers. The company leverages the power of data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence to deliver insights that help golfers of all skill levels make smarter decisions to shoot lower scores.

Arccos’ flagship Arccos 360 system features 14 ultralight sensors – one for each club in the bag – that are attached to the club grip and paired with a smartphone app to automatically track and analyze player performance.

In late 2017, the company launched the Arccos Caddie artificial intelligence platform. Developed in partnership with Microsoft, Arccos Caddie shows players their optimal strategy on nearly every hole in the world, regardless of whether they’ve previously played the course. It achieves this by layering live weather conditions atop a growing data set of nearly 100 million shots hit during more than 700,000 rounds-played by the Arccos community, and 418 million mapping data points on over 40,000 courses.

The fast-growing company is a relative newcomer to golf. While attending Yale Business School, Arccos Co-Founder Sal Syed realized that golfers lacked a comprehensive tool to track and analyze their games. Combining his love for golf and data, Syed and his co-founders incorporated Arccos in 2012. Two years later, Arccos launched its first GPS-based, hardware and software system.

“Golf is literally the perfect sport for advanced analytics, even more so than baseball due to each shot that’s hit being an isolated incident,” Syed says. “Capturing the necessary data isn’t easy, but we’ve truly cracked that code. And by layering in artificial intelligence, we’re able to help golfers improve at a remarkable rate.”

Arccos captures thousands of data points during every round and, perhaps most importantly, is able to do that without changing a golfer’s routine or being intrusive on the course. The system combines automatic shot tracking, advanced GPS and advanced analytics via an enhanced Strokes Gained model. This allows users to quickly receive insights about their true averages with each club, which club to use in specific situations, and a detailed breakdown of their exact strengths and weaknesses.

The intended end-result is smarter decisions and lower scores. In 2017, the average Arccos user who played at least 10 rounds lowered their handicap by 3.55 strokes.

NGF Takeaways

Arccos has been an unquestioned pioneer in the golf technology space, bringing in-depth and engaging shot-tracking capabilities and advanced analytics to amateurs.

Arccos’ partnership with Cobra for the Cobra Connect is an interesting one for watchers of the integrated golf club technology space. Cobra is offering Arccos technology standard in its entire KING F8 line for 2018, so consumers are essentially getting the platform for free rather than having to buy it separately.

Having a club manufacturer include the Arccos technology offers an intriguing possibility for a future element of connectivity and golf clubs.

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