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The National Golf Foundation is a community of individuals and golf businesses committed to being the most well-informed advocates for the growth of the industry. With the world’s largest research team dedicated to golf, NGF provides members with the most accurate and objective insights on the game. We help golf businesses better understand their market and grow their businesses. The NGF is the only association for everyone in golf, and we advocate for growth by educating and connecting our members.

National Golf Foundation's Recent Articles

Golf Travel – What’s the Impact?

Three out of four golf travelers say they’re willing to drive more than four hours each way for a golf getaway, and those with a trip still planned for 2020 indicate they’ll spend an average of six to seven hours in the car just getting to their destination. It’s why U.S. golf resorts and destinations should — and are — continuing to aggressively target their drive-in markets.

4 min read

NGF New Members – July 2020

The NGF extends a warm welcome to the newest members of its growing community, both facilities and businesses.

3 min read

An Intersection of Two National Pastimes: Baseball and Golf

As MLB moves forward with its abbreviated 60-game season, it got us to thinking — which MLB stadium has the most golf courses within a 5-mile radius (as the crow flies)? After all, the vast majority of stadiums are built close to major metropolitan areas, which usually also have a wealth of golf options.

2 min read

Golfers and Physical Distancing

Golf is a sport that by its nature is conducive to social distancing. Here’s how the physical distancing trend among golfers has changed over time.

< 1 min read

Studying Golf Consumers: July 2020

As the number of coronavirus cases have increased nationwide, core golfers have expressed a heightened anxiety regarding the pandemic. Compared to mid-June, those who say…

< 1 min read

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