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Joe Beditz

Joe is in his 35th year with the NGF and has served as President and Chief Executive since 1989. One of the industry's leading experts on the business of golf, Joe has published a myriad of studies and reports about the state of the game and, as a speaker, is frequently asked to provide insight and information on consumer and economic trends affecting golf's present and future.

Joe Beditz's Recent Articles

Golf: There’s An App for That

App use is becoming prevalent in all walks of life, including the golf world. There are now hundreds of golf-centric apps available and usage continues to climb.

2 min read

Game of a Lifetime?

Is golf really the game of a lifetime? The recent increase in the number of golfers age 65+ gives a pretty good indication. So, how does golf stack up against some other participation sports?

< 1 min read

Women in Golf – Progress and Opportunity

Seven years ago, the proportion of all female golfers was 27%. Since then, the volume of female participants has grown by 43%. And more opportunity exists.

2 min read

First Period Done, Two to Go

Consider that the golf year, like a hockey game, really has three distinct periods. After our ’21 first period, rounds and equipment sales are up considerably over 2020.

2 min read

Golf is Getting Off Course

As golf’s overall participation base has increased, we’re left with three closely-sized and mutually-exclusive groups.

< 1 min read

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