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Joe Beditz

Joe is in his 35th year with the NGF and has served as President and Chief Executive since 1989. One of the industry's leading experts on the business of golf, Joe has published a myriad of studies and reports about the state of the game and, as a speaker, is frequently asked to provide insight and information on consumer and economic trends affecting golf's present and future.

Joe Beditz's Recent Articles

New Normal or Old Normal?

Whether golfer demand or equipment sales, trends suggest a return to where the golf industry was pre-financial crisis of 2007–08 rather than a “new normal”

2 min read

Play It Forward – Ten Years Later

NGF’s recent survey of Core golfers indicated 73% recalled Tee It Forward, but a much smaller percentage actually moved up in recent years. Here’s what they found, and what’s keeping others from moving forward a tee.

2 min read

Tiger’s Long Tale

Tiger Woods has had a profound impact on the golf business. But how quickly was it felt? On the 25th anniversary of his turning pro, here’s a look at how suddenly his influence took root.

3 min read

Course Supply Leveling Out

NGF’s database team has seen a notable supply-based drop during the first half of 2021. Could this be the year golf course supply in the U.S. levels out?

2 min read

Rounds Played Continue at Elevated Levels

Golf’s most-asked question is whether the elevated level of golf activity would maintain in 2021. June was our first real test – comparing peak season months without operational restrictions – and the results look pretty good.

2 min read

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