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98% of U.S. Golf Courses Are Open
On April 5, Only 44% Were Open to Play

by National Golf Foundation

June 2020

The NGF’s latest nationwide survey of U.S. golf facilities shows that 98% were open to play as of the week beginning June 8, less than two months after more than 50% of the nation’s courses were closed either due to the coronavirus, seasonality or a combination of the two.

As state and local governments look to offer a safe and healthy activity for residents amid the ongoing pandemic, the percentage of courses open has leveled off after increasing for eight consecutive weeks, with almost all facilities now allowing play once again.

It’s been a month since any states have had restrictions on golf operations, as New Hampshire was the last to allow its courses to reopen on May 11. In total, more than a dozen states lifted bans on golf from the last week of April through mid-May, while others — most notably California and Florida, the nation’s two best-supplied golf states — eased significant local restrictions.

While golf is open, cautionary operational restrictions are still fairly widespread, from modified cups and one-rider carts to limitations on food & beverage service or pro shop and club house access. Course owners and operators must continue to adhere to local requirements, and golfers should be reminded they’re playing before the largest galleries of their lives to help show that golf can lead the way for participation sports to gradually resume while still in the midst of a serious pandemic.

The biggest surge in course openings occurred primarily in late April and early May, with the percentage of open courses topping 90% a month ago. In the past three weeks, the percentage increased slightly from 95% to 98% as a few more courses reopened for play — predominantly resort and municipal.

Across all facility types, the percentage of courses that are now open to play is inching closer to 100%. There remain some noteworthy holdouts in major metropolitan areas such as New York City and Chicago, where some courses remain shut down for the time being.

In mid-April, as many as 19 states had statewide restrictions or significant local bans on golf — predominantly in the more densely-populated states in the Northeast, the Great Lakes region and on the West Coast.

NGF researchers have accumulated more than 8,800 unique facility validations to date, with a sampling error of +/- 1% for the ongoing weekly polling. The research reflects the most nationally representative sample of courses currently available, one that includes daily fee, private, municipal, resort and residential communities.


For more in-depth research and insight on the coronavirus impact on the golf industry, click here to visit the NGF’s webpage for special COVID-19 updates.

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