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Golfers and Social Distancing

by National Golf Foundation

May 2020

Golf is a sport that by its nature is conducive to social distancing.

However, as many Americans have begun to flout distancing guidelines, golfers are indicating an increased willingness to reduce general physical space between themselves and others — whether on the golf course or not.

In late April, 70% of golfers said they wanted at least six feet of separation between them and others (including friends) who live outside their home. By late May, that has dropped to 53%, with the rest saying they’re perfectly comfortable being less than six feet from someone.

Source: National Golf Foundation


As this pertains to golf, it’s important that the golf community continues to proceed with caution and responsibility. In and out of the industry, eyes are on the game as it leads the way for participation sports to gradually resume while still in the middle of a serious pandemic.

Course owners and operators need to strictly adhere to local requirements, and golfers should be reminded they will be playing before the largest galleries of their lives.

With golf operational in all 50 states, there’s a “yellow light” right now, not a “green light” to continue with business as usual. And a few well-publicized screw-ups could cause lights to turn red again.

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