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NGF Research Snapshot: Holiday Golf Gifts

by National Golf Foundation

December 2019


NGF research shows that approximately one out of every 10 people in the U.S. expects to purchase a golf-related gift for a friend or family member this holiday season.

With roughly 10% of holiday shoppers saying they plan to buy something golf-related – from new clubs for a spouse to a sleeve of golf balls for a co-worker – that’s higher than the U.S. golf participation rate, which is about 8% of the population. If this consumer sentiment regarding gifting holds true, it means that almost every golfer can expect to receive a golf-related gift for the holidays. Or perhaps more likely, there some lucky golfers may be on the receiving end of multiple gifts they can use on or off the golf course.

Golf balls are the most popular holiday golf gift, selected as the present of choice by approximately 55% of those buying golf presents.

Golf apparel is a close second, with about 46% of gift givers opting for items such as shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, socks, hats and outerwear.  Other popular presents include golf shoes, clubs, accessories like gloves, tees, bags, ball markets, etc.) and pre-paid rounds in the form of a membership, season pass, gift certificate or discount book.


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