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NGF Research Snapshot: 9-Hole Golf

by National Golf Foundation

July 2019


There are over 14,600 golf facilities in the U.S. and almost 27% of those are of the 9-hole variety.

Given the abundance of 9-hole facilities (no other country in the world even has as many golf courses as the U.S. nine-hole supply) and the increased acceptance of 9-hole play on 18-hole layouts, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that they account for a quarter of all rounds played.

Yes, beginners are most likely to play 9-hole rounds, but there’s increased interest across the spectrum in this more limited engagement, whether it’s women, juniors, seniors or the most dedicated golfers. Many facilities host 9-hole golf leagues while private club members, who don’t play greens fees, have the flexibility to play shorter rounds of 9 holes or less when they have time. In fact, over 90% of private clubs even offer 9-hole cart fees to members and their guests if they’re so inclined.

Don’t have time to play 18 holes? Consider playing nine instead. You won’t be alone.


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