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The ‘Q’uestion
March 2018

by Erik Matuszewski

March 2018

Whether it’s for buddy trips, vacations, family getaways or to check another course off the bucket list, millions of golfers travel far from home every year to play golf.

So what percentage of golf travelers prefer to play with their own clubs rather than rent or borrow?

Ship Sticks delivered an innovative solution for making golf travel simpler and more affordable.


Recent NGF research finds that approximately 81 percent of travelers will use their own clubs when on the road for a golf trip that includes an overnight stay.

The breakout of that statistic includes 77 percent who indicate they travel with their clubs — either by plane or car — while 4 percent chose to have their golf bag delivered by a company such as Ship Sticks, which recently was selected as one of the NGF’s Top 100 businesses in  golf. Approximately 11 percent opt to rent clubs when traveling for golf, while 9 percent said they typically borrow.

Not surprisingly, golf travelers find it significantly easier to bring their clubs along when driving, with 92 percent of those surveyed saying they put their golf bag in the trunk.

When flying, just over half of golf travelers (56%) opt to bring their own clubs. Six percent prefer to have their clubs shipped rather than drag them through the airport, while 21 percent say they rent and 16 percent borrow clubs from a friend or family member.

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Erik Matuszewski

Erik is the Editorial Director for the NGF. Before joining the National Golf Foundation, he spent more than two decades with Bloomberg News, both as a writer and editor, with a focus on sports business and the golf industry. The New Jersey resident has also written about golf for outlets that include Forbes, LINKS and the Met Golfer.