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Play It Forward – Ten Years Later

NGF’s recent survey of Core golfers indicated 73% recalled Tee It Forward, but a much smaller percentage actually moved up in recent years. Here’s what they found, and what’s keeping others from moving forward a tee.

2 min read

Golf Apps Continue to Gain Adoption

More than three-quarters of Core golfers have at least one golf-specific app on their phone, up from 56% in 2018 and 37% in 2011. It speaks to the evolution of golf as well as the effort to enhance the golf experience for an ever-connected segment of consumers.

3 min read

Women in Golf – Progress and Opportunity

Seven years ago, the proportion of all female golfers was 27%. Since then, the volume of female participants has grown by 43%. And more opportunity exists.

2 min read

Golf is Getting Off Course

As golf’s overall participation base has increased, we’re left with three closely-sized and mutually-exclusive groups.

< 1 min read

Cleared for takeoff?

A return to the friendly skies means more golf trips and destinations back in consideration. Core golfers, on average, are now expecting 1.8 golf trips in 2021.

2 min read
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Golf Travel Shows Signs of Roaring Back

Limitations on golf trips in 2020 have created a bottled-up demand to return to golf travel. NGF surveyed golfers and resort operators to quantify the interest.

4 min read

Harold Varner Sees Opportunity to ‘Give Back’ Through Youth on Course Partnership

Harold Varner III knows first-hand the importance of affordable access to golf. Now, Varner is giving back through an expanded partnership with Youth on Course.

3 min read

How Has Working From Home Affected Golf?

Working remotely has provided greater schedule flexibility for many people over the past year. It’s also had a significant impact on golf.

< 1 min read

Nobody Played More Golf In 2020 Than This Texas Retiree

As golf provided an escape from daily coronavirus anxiety for millions of Americans in 2020, nobody played more than 61-year-old Texas resident Barry Gibbons.

7 min read

February 2021 National Rounds Played

February rounds were down 4.7% nationwide compared to a year ago, when play for the month had been up 19% before the pandemic hit the U.S.

< 1 min read