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March 2021 National Rounds Played

National rounds played for March 2021 were up an estimated 45% over the same period a year ago, when the coronavirus first started impacting golf operations throughout the U.S. 

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Golf Travel Shows Signs of Roaring Back

Limitations on golf trips in 2020 have created a bottled-up demand to return to golf travel. NGF surveyed golfers and resort operators to quantify the interest.

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February Rounds Down; Indicators Still Good

February’s decline in play was the first notable year-over-year drop in rounds (outside of last year’s course-shutdown period) since May of 2019.

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January 2021 National Rounds Played

Golf’s on-course momentum from 2020 carried into 2021, with January rounds up 21% nationwide. 

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Golf Under the Lights

NGF research shows that 50% of golfers express some interest in playing golf at night. Could a lighted course be an option for some operators?

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What’s Ahead for ‘Zealous’ Golfers?

About 20% of the Core golfer population really upped their engagement in 2020. Can that continue? And who might take this group’s place in 2021?

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November 2020 National Rounds Played

November rounds of golf were up almost 57% nationally over a year ago, continuing an upward trend since coronavirus restrictions on golf operations were lifted.

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Record-Setting Rounds for 2020? Not Quite

The U.S. is on pace for 50 million more rounds in 2020 than 2019. Amazing, yes. Record setting? Not quite. Here’s the only year that saw a bigger jump in play.

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U.S. Facility Financial Health Update

In 2009 and 2016, roughly a quarter of U.S. public golf courses admitted to being in bad shape, financially. The NGF has re-examined the subject of facility health amid the turbulence of 2020 and here’s where things stand now, among both public and private courses.

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After September Surge, Rounds +8.7% Year-to-Date

September saw the biggest monthly jump in rounds all year, up almost 26% versus a year ago, moving the industry to +9% nationally over a year ago.

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