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Questions, Answers and Insights for Everyone Interested in the Business of Golf

General Interest

Opportunity for Golf

Golf industry leaders weigh in on the opportunity for golf and how businesses and organizations might best take advantage.

10 min read

The Churn: Retaining and Sustaining Are Crucial

After summer spikes in play and spend, how will the industry retain new golfers and sustain increased levels of play when Covid is finally in the rear view?

2 min read

Record-Setting July for Golf Equipment Sales

Total on- and off-course golf equipment sales were $388.6 million in July, a single-month record since Golf Datatech began tracking golf retail sales in 1997.

< 1 min read

With June Surge, Could 2020 Rounds Top 2019?

June play was up in every state in the continental U.S. and follows a 6% bump in May play. Continued strong momentum in July and August would offset the loss of 20 million spring rounds or perhaps surpass last year’s play.

< 1 min read

Golf Travel – What’s the Impact?

Three out of four golf travelers say they’re willing to drive more than four hours each way for a golf getaway, and those with a trip still planned for 2020 indicate they’ll spend an average of six to seven hours in the car just getting to their destination. It’s why U.S. golf resorts and destinations should — and are — continuing to aggressively target their drive-in markets.

4 min read
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June 2020 National Rounds Played

Rounds of golf increased by 13.9% nationally in June, a continuation of the recent surge in participation. Through the first six months of 2020, play is now down 1.7% despite the loss of 20 million spring rounds.

< 1 min read

Can Summer Surge Offset 20 Million Lost Spring Rounds?

The uptick in May and June play has improved the industry’s long-term prospects of recovering from the approximately 20 million rounds lost in March and April.

< 1 min read

Golf Course Turns Park, (Ball)park Turns Course Amid Pandemic

Golf takes different forms during uncertain times. In Atlanta, a golf course becomes a public park once a week. In Missouri, a ballpark becomes a short course.

2 min read

June Shows Momentum in Key Golf Markets

Initial data regarding play for June continues to be very positive in key golf markets across the country as the industry seeks to offset the loss of 20 million rounds in March and April.

< 1 min read

What Golf Operators Said About the June ‘Surge’

The early returns for golf’s post-crackdown are in, with rounds up more than 6% nationally in May. Here’s a look at what course operators are seeing and experiencing in June from a participation and engagement standpoint.

7 min read