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Media and Technology

While there’s a diverse range of products, goods and high-tech gadgets and software in the media & technologies sector, the underlying theme is that the 11 companies included in the NGF GOLF 100 are all geared toward helping golfers play better or improving their experience.

There are rangefinders, indoor simulators, shot trackers and advanced launch monitors that pros have taken to traveling with. There is software for both club management and event management, including one that will soon be in 2/3 of the golf courses in the United States.

There is also a group of established media properties that includes the sport’s first 24-hour dedicated television network, a channel that’s evolved over time from a traditional media company into a new media technology platform.

Arccos Golf

Arccos is a leading provider of automatic on-course data capture and advanced analytics, helping golfers of all abilities make smarter decisions about club selection, bag composition, practice regimens and on-course strategy.

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Bushnell Golf

Bushnell Golf has been the industry leader in electronic measuring devices on the golf course for more than 20 years.

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Discovery Golf

Discovery Golf has made a major splash in the golf world in a relatively short time, part of its ambitious goal to become the leading golf media platform in the world.

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Full Swing Golf

Full Swing is an industry leader in cutting-edge simulator technology, providing the most accurate and truly realistic indoor golf experience, and boasts partnerships with industry heavyweights such as the PGA TOUR, Topgolf, Golf Channel and Tiger Woods.

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Gallus Golf

Gallus Golf is an industry leader in course branded mobile golf app software, helping golf course operators enhance the golfer experience and create better engagement with customers and members through technology.

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Golf Channel / GolfNow

Golf Channel features more live golf coverage than all other networks combined, with over 500 million viewers in more than 70 countries. It also owns GolfNow, the world’s largest online tee time reservation platform.

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Golf Digest Online

Golf Digest Online (GDO), Inc. is the largest golf business in Japan, the world’s second-largest golf market. 

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Golf Genius

Golf Genius’s cloud-based software managed approximately 21 million rounds of golf — providing both tournament management and handicapping solutions — over the past 12 months to private golf clubs, public courses, resorts and associations in over 40 countries. 

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GOLF Magazine

Since its inception in 1959, GOLF Magazine has been among the most successful publications in the industry, providing in-depth content on professional golfers, instruction, equipment, travel and the best courses in the world.

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Golfweek/USA Today

Golfweek has been among the most authentic and authoritative voices in golf for more than four decades, delivering consistent and comprehensive coverage of the game.

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GOLFZON is a global leader in the golf simulator industry, with 30,000 simulators in 62 countries worldwide.

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Jonas Club Software

Jonas Club Software is one of the most widely used club management software providers in the golf industry.

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TrackMan is among the most noteworthy recent technological advances in golf, providing the ability to analyze a ball’s flight via a wireless monitor. The radar-based…

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