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May 2021

Women in Golf – Progress and Opportunity

Seven years ago, the proportion of all female golfers was 27%. Since then, the volume of female participants has grown by 43%. And more opportunity exists.

2 min read

April Rounds Surge 81% YOY, Stay In Line With Pre-Pandemic Average

While April’s rounds this year are obviously up dramatically due to last year’s course shutdowns, here’s how they compare to the pre-pandemic numbers.

2 min read

April 2021 National Rounds Played Report

The question for April 2021 wasn’t whether rounds played would be up, it was how much after more than half of the nation’s courses were temporarily closed a year ago due to the coronavirus. The results are in.

< 1 min read

Golf is Getting Off Course

As golf’s overall participation base has increased, we’re left with three closely-sized and mutually-exclusive groups.

< 1 min read

Expanding Rounds Played Research

NGF and Golf Datatech heighten efforts to recruit more courses and operators for vital rounds data. See how you can help your industry.

2 min read