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Corporate Headquarters

Huntington Beach, California


Key Employees

Dr. Ben Huang – President and CEO
Mike Coelho – National Sales Manager
Jeff Shepherd – Marketing Manager
Don Bumer – Sales Manager


Winn was the first manufacturer to bring premium polymer grips to golf, mirroring its efforts in pioneering grips for fishing rods, tennis rackets, and bicycles.

Winn’s polymer grip technology provides grips that are tackier and more comfortable than traditional rubber. Each polymer is uniquely formulated to achieve a different firmness, texture, and weight to satisfy the individual needs of the sports participants it serves. By creating extremely comfortable, slip-resistant grips, the end result for golfers is increased sensitivity, reduced fatigue, and heightened swing accuracy.

Winn’s tagline is “The Best Grips in Golf”

Winn Grips were developed by Dr. Ben Huang, who assisted Dr. Wernher von Braun at NASA in the design of the Saturn V Rocket, which eventually took man to the moon in 1969. In 1973, he left teaching at Georgia Tech to create Winn tennis balls and synthetic racket strings – before developing synthetic polymer tennis grips in 1980.

The first golf grips, meanwhile, were developed in 1996, motivated by Dr. Huang’s bad experience with slippery golf grips during a golf academy trip to Northern California.

“My grips were so slippery that I had to strangle the club to control it,” Dr. Huang said. “The tension in my arms and hands made a smooth swing impossible. I knew immediately that I could design a better grip for golfers.”

For 20 years, renowned golf instructor Butch Harmon has been a company spokesperson, while Natalie Gulbis (one of the LPGA Tour’s most famous names) has served as a Winn LPGA Player Adviser. In 2021, Winn will celebrate its 25th anniversary as a premium golf grip manufacturer.

NGF Takeaways

Renowned as the first company to create a polymer/rubber hybrid grip, Winn has combined the durability and responsiveness of rubber with the tackiness and comfort of polymer.

The company’s success has also led to the development of custom grips that are used to raise money for medical research, military support, and other charitable causes.

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