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Wadsworth Golf Construction Company


Corporate Headquarters

Plainfield, Illinois


Key Employees

Patrick Karnick, President
Greg Korneta, Vice President
Mark Slugocki, Vice President
Eric Wadsworth, Vice President


Founded in 1958, Wadsworth Golf Construction Company over the past six decades has been an integral part of more than 900 golf course projects, including city and municipal layouts as well as championship courses, in 44 states.

Brent Wadsworth’s original intent for the Company was to combine the proper skills and equipment to assist golf course architects in delivering a golf course that respects the land while honoring the great tradition of the game. This was all to be done with three words that would accompany each project – Respect, Honesty and Fairness.

Torrey Pines in California.

The Wadsworth Company has teamed up with many of the world’s leading architects and developers to help create and enhance some of the greatest venues for golf, including the a renovation at Augusta National and the new construction of Tom Fazio’s Shadow Creek in Las Vegas. Wadsworth has also created more than 40 municipal and military golf courses, while a recent public golf course renovation the company completed included working with Tom Weiskopf to improve the highly acclaimed Torrey Pines North Course.

Other projects have included standouts such as Valhalla Golf Club, a three-time PGA Championship host, and Castle Pines Golf Club, a long-time host of The International, a former PGA Tour event. In addition, within the last two years, the company has restored current PGA Tour sites like Torrey Pines and Innisbrook Resort & Country Club’s Copperhead Course (a layout it also originally built).

Due to its extensive experiences over the years, the company estimates that the length of the drainage tiles and irrigation pipes alone that it has installed would extend from New York to Honolulu—and back. With a reputation as one of the premier golf course builders in the United States, Wadsworth has kept busy with major renovation projects in recent years as new course construction has been limited.

“Golf courses are living organisms and change on a daily basis. The components on a golf course such as greens, bunkers, drainage systems and irrigation all have a limited life cycle,” said Wadsworth President Patrick Karnick.

“Often the golf facilities’ investments are related to infrastructure improvements that can help reduce the long-term maintenance costs while enhancing the consistent playability of the golf course,” Karnick added. “Technological advancements in bunker construction for instance have helped save countless maintenance hours while providing the golfer improved accessibility and consistency.”

Wadsworth both built and renovated the Copperhead Course at Innisbrook

Through the hiring and retention of some of the most skilled operators and laborers in the golf course construction industry, the Wadsworth Company continues to focus on delivering the highest quality product. The company says its mantra — Respect, Honesty and Fairness — is utilized to assist each owner in delivering a return on investment as well as paying respect to the game of golf.

The Wadsworth Golf Charities Foundation has been instrumental in providing access to kids, adults and families who may not have previously been provided an opportunity to enjoy the game. The Foundation’s focus is on more than just golf, seeking to improve society through the embodiment of the moral, ethical and cultural codes of the game.

NGF Takeaways

More than a half-century of experience has yielded a wealth of problem-solving construction techniques for Wadsworth. Perhaps most importantly for owners and operators who hire Wadsworth, it means jobs are completed on time and within budget.

While Wadsworth was busy during the industry’s building boom, which saw almost 5,000 new courses built between 1986 and 2005, it has remained active as some of the facilities from that era are now undertaking significant restoration projects. Many of these upgrades incorporate new technologies – including modern irrigation systems and drainage – as well as tree removal, green restorations and the addition of more teeing grounds.

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