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TRUE Sports


Corporate Headquarters

Memphis, Tennessee


Key Employees

Jeremy Erspamer, President/Chief Executive Officer
Neal Haas, SVP, Chief Technology Officer
Chad Hall, SVP, Marketing & Product Creation
David Walker, Vice President Global Sales


TRUE Sports, Inc., formerly known as True Temper Sports, Inc., designs, manufactures, and markets golf shafts, selling to both original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket entities worldwide. The Memphis-based company currently employs more than 1,000 people in 10 facilities in the United States, Europe, Japan, China, and Australia.

TRUE Sports laid the foundation for its golf shaft engineering division as several forging companies – formally combined as the American Fork & Hoe Company, which was established in Ohio in 1903.

Every TRUE Sports steel golf shaft is made in the USA. (Photo courtesy: True Sports)


In the 1930s, when most golfers were still using hickory wood shafts, TRUE Sports arranged public displays at golf tournaments to promote its steel shafts. Not long after, the company had gained a significant share on the PGA TOUR. Byron Nelson’s legendary 1945 season – 18 tournament wins with a bag full of TRUE Sports-shafted clubs – was a turning point in the industry, in fact.

Fast forwarding some 40 years, more than 95 percent of tour pros played TRUE Sports shafts in the 1980s. Those numbers aren’t much different today, as roughly 75 percent of pros presently play the company’s wares.

Renowned primarily for its Dynamic Gold Shaft, which is the most popular shaft in both the amateur and professional golf ranks, TRUE Sports also owns brands like Grafalloy and Project X.

To continue TRUE Sports’ popularity and ensure it remains an industry leader, Jeremy Erspamer, President and CEO, recognizes the importance of staying the course and consistently producing innovative products.

“We must maintain our heritage in products, such as Dynamic Gold, while always investing in R&D and product innovation to meet the changing global golf landscape,” Erspamer said. “We must never rest on our past success. We are always reevaluating our golf shaft portfolio.”

With this in mind, the company, which is also renowned for manufacturing sporting goods for the hockey, lacrosse, and diamond and ice skate industries, rebranded as TRUE Sports in July 2019 – after establishing itself as a leader in premium performance equipment for more than 100 years. As the rebranded company prepares for the future, it is ready to continue its legacy as a premier sporting goods manufacturer for golfers, along with a variety of other athletes.

NGF Takeaways

TRUE Sports’ shafts have become favorites of both OEMs and fitters for two particular reasons: its performance capabilities, as well as its tight weight tolerances.

TRUE Sports’ Dynamic Gold shaft remains the company’s cash cow. More than 70 percent of PGA TOUR players play the Dynamic Gold Tour Issue shaft – and more professionals put the shaft in play each week than all other shafts combined. Tiger Woods, for his part, has never played another steel shaft as a professional.

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