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Nicklaus Companies


Corporate Headquarters

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida


Key Employees

Howard Milstein,  Executive Chairman
Jack Nicklaus, Co-Chairman
John Reese, CEO, Nicklaus Companies
Jack Nicklaus II, President, Nicklaus Design
Paul Stringer, President, Asia Pacific, Nicklaus Design
William Staudt, Director, Nicklaus Companies


For almost 50 years, Jack Nicklaus has brought the same passion, experience and excellence to the Nicklaus Companies that he did during his competitive career, when he won a record 18 major titles and was named by Sports Illustrated as the “Individual Male Athlete of the 20th century.”

The Nicklaus Companies encompasses a wide variety of services dedicated to golf, but that also transcend the game. This ranges from course design to partnering on the development of world-class communities to apparel, instruction, and the licensing of lifestyle products.

Nicklaus Design has created more than 420 golf courses in 45 countries around the world and Jack Nicklaus II, the oldest of five Nicklaus children, is the president of the course design division.

Today, the focus of Nicklaus Design includes dramatically expanded services including renovation and redesign, real estate branding, financing, construction management, marketing, technology, and public relations and social integration.

Nicklaus Companies also markets and licenses golf products and services, from golf balls to golf academies, custom putting greens, and art and memorabilia. In addition, the Jack Nicklaus and Golden Bear-branded lifestyle collection of products includes hosiery, wine, headwear, grooming products and needlepoint belts.

The company was originally started as Golden Bear International in 1970. As it expanded, the company re-positioned and re-branded in 2000 to the Nicklaus Companies.

In 2007, Howard Milstein, the chairman of New York Private Bank & Trust, partnered with Nicklaus to realize the full potential of the brands, becoming co-chairman of Nicklaus Companies.

Over the next decade, Milstein helped Nicklaus more than double the value of his business, with new investments ranging from technology to equipment. Nicklaus Companies are now part of Milstein’s 8AM Golf holding company, which also supports brands such as GOLF.com and GOLF Magazine, True Spec Golf, Miura, GolfLogix and Club Conex.

NGF Takeaways

Nicklaus set the standard for golf greatness during his playing days and has also raised the bar as a businessman, philanthropist, and ambassador for the sport.

His company is dedicated to promoting excellence in golf, preserving its great traditions and growing the game; it’s why after more than 50 years, the Nicklaus name remains so prevalent in and out of golf, whether in course design or as a recognizable global brand.

Nicklaus Design has had more courses (over 150) host professional and amateur tournaments worldwide (over 1,000) than any other design company.

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