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TGR – Tiger Woods Ventures


Corporate Headquarters

Jupiter, Florida


Key Employees

Tiger Woods, Chairman
Christopher Hubman, Chief Financial Officer
Rob McNamara, Vice President
Kathryn Battaglia, Vice President
Glenn Greenspan, Vice President
Bryon Bell, President, TGR Design
Rick Singer, President and CEO, Tiger Woods Foundation
Erica Herman, The Woods Jupiter


Tiger Woods has undeniably become a brand of his own in the golf world and it’s difficult to dispute that any other individual has had more of a role in growing the game over the past several decades.

Woods is one of the most successful golfers in history with 79 career PGA TOUR wins and a record $110 million in career earnings, but his impact extends well beyond the golf course – to his foundation that inspires underserved youth through STEM education, charity work, course design, operating and managing world-class events and the restaurant business. In 2016, Woods united his entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavors under a singular parent brand called TGR. The growing business, grounded in Woods’s unique experiences and approach, is the next phase in Woods’s vision, one marked by his enduring impact off the course as much as the championships he’s won on it.

“TGR is my chapter two – my way of building a legacy that’s about more than birdies and bogies,” said Woods, who raised golf to levels of popularity it had never experienced.

TGR is essentially a unified corporate structure that oversees all of Woods’s existing businesses as well as those still in planning or those to come in the future.

Tiger Woods formed TGR in 2016 to encompass all his business, educational and philanthropic endeavors.

Woods has long been most proud of his Tiger Woods Foundation, which he formed in 1996 with his father to give students in need the right resources to ensure lifelong success in school, their communities and the working world. With programs that feature STEM skills, college prep and teacher professional development, it is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive – in today’s jobs and ones that don’t yet exist.

Over the past 20 years, TGR Live has managed and organized fundraising events supporting the Tiger Woods Foundation. The company’s aim is creating amazing experiences for the foundation’s clients at world-class events like the Genesis Open at Riviera near Los Angeles, the National outside Washington D.C. and the Hero World Challenge at Albany in the Bahamas. TGR Live also runs the annual Tiger Jam, which combines golf, music, poker and stars in Las Vegas and the Tiger Woods Invitational Presented by USLI on the Monterey Peninsula.

Woods in 2015 opened a restaurant and sports lounge in his hometown called The Woods Jupiter and has also continued to expand his course design business launched over a decade ago, with an emphasis on playability and fun. El Cardonal at Diamante Cabo San Lucas opened in 2014 and Bluejack National outside Houston, Texas, debuted in 2016. Additional courses are in various stages of development, including Payne’s Valley in the Ozark Mountains near Big Cedar Lodge. Scheduled to open in 2019, it will be the first public golf course from TGR Design in the U.S.

Tiger Woods with Johnny Morris, the owner of Big Cedar Lodge in Missouri.

Woods also places a special emphasis on short courses to promote family-friendly fun, multi-generational play and enjoyment for golfers of all abilities.

NGF Takeaways

Tiger’s standing as a global icon empowers the TGR brand, created as a corporate extension of Woods as he starts to look beyond his playing days. Woods has approached his off-course endeavors with some of the same qualities he’s known for as a competitor: determination, a precise method and a relentless pursuit to master a variety of skills.

Woods, ultimately, is as big a business as there is in the world of golf. He remains the game’s most visible star and has noteworthy endorsement deals with GOLF 100 companies such as Nike, TaylorMade, Bridgestone and Full Swing Golf. And while his TGR brand continues to build, the importance of Woods’ impact on growing the game and attracting new participants as its most recognizable personality is almost impossible to quantify.

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