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Textron Golf


Corporate Headquarters

Providence, Rhode Island


Key Employees

Kevin Holleran, President and CEO, Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc.
Michael Parkhurst, Vice President, Golf
Rachel Thompson, Vice President, Turf

Chris Spencer, Vice President, Engineering
Jason Alford, Vice President, Integrated Supply Chain
Brian Tidwell, General Counsel


Textron Golf is the umbrella under which Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc. markets and sells its portfolio of equipment and services for the golf industry, including E-Z-GO golf cars, Cushman utility and hospitality vehicles, and Jacobsen turf equipment, as well as Textron Fleet Management technologies and solutions.

Textron Specialized Vehicles, based in Augusta, Georgia, is a division of Textron Inc.

Textron is a U.S.-based, multi-industry Fortune 500 company — having businesses in aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies – with more than $13 billion in revenue and more than 32,000 employees worldwide. In addition to E-Z-GO, Jacobsen and Cushman, Textron’s brands and product lines include Cessna and Beechcraft aircraft, Bell helicopters, Arctic Cat snowmobiles, Textron Off Road side-by-sides and ATVs, and Greenlee professional tools, among many others.

Together, Textron Golf’s three major equipment brands – E-Z-GO, Jacobsen and Cushman — boast more than 250 years of serving golf courses and resorts with products from golf cars, refreshment vehicles, and utility vehicles to turf-care equipment.

E-Z-GO, founded in Augusta in 1954, became part of Textron in 1960 and has long been one of the most recognizable names in golf. The brand is renowned worldwide for its golf cars and personal transportation vehicles.

Cushman, a brand which traces its heritage to 1901, is responsible for many of the food & beverage vehicles that golfers find out on the course, not to mention the ubiquitous utility vehicles and multi-passenger shuttles often found ferrying players or clubs to driving ranges and practice facilities.

For more than 80 years, Jacobsen has been a leading supplier of precision turf care equipment and services for golf, with a range of mowers, aerators, sprayers, bunker rakes, and other machines. Its products extend to serve professional lawn care, sports fields and industrial applications. Textron purchased Jacobsen in 1978, and it became part of Textron Specialized Vehicles in 2016.

In 2017, Textron acquired TKVGPS, a provider of fleet management solutions and GPS technologies that help golf-course operators enhance the on-course experience for golfers. It’s resulted in a new brand, TFM, with fleet management solutions that provide golf course owners and operators with extensive, real-time information to help monitor, maintain and protect their fleets of golf cars and utility vehicles.

Jacobsen and Cushman’s vehicles are both part of the Textron portfolio.

NGF Takeaways

Having three of the most respected and trusted brands in the game under the umbrella of a Fortune 500 company like Textron has been a positive for the golf industry.

Across its wide range of businesses, Textron demonstrates a dedication for innovation and to bring best-in-class products to the markets it serves. That’s certainly been the case in the golf course supply and turf care categories, with Cushman, E-Z-GO and Jacobsen delivering vehicles that keep courses running.

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