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Summit Golf Brands


Corporate Headquarters

Shelton, Connecticut


Key Employees

Chad Delp, CEO
Doug Melendez, Chief Information Officer
Jack Lessing, EVP of Sales
Billy Draddy, Creative Director


Summit Golf Brands is a collection of successful apparel and accessories companies, including Fairway & Greene, Zero Restriction, EP Sport and B. Draddy, that was founded in 2004. The companies employ an estimated 130 people and generate roughly $30 million in annual revenue.


Unlike some other companies in which designers and executives have little or no background in golf, Summit Golf Brands’ was established by a group of golfers who design, market, manufacture and distribute its products.


More than 90% of Summit Golf Brands’ products are currently distributed through the green grass channel, dealing directly with courses and club professionals rather than big box retailers, department stores and specialty stores.


Fairway & Greene is a classically oriented apparel maker, while B. Draddy, the most recent addition to the stable, is also a menswear manufacturer inspired by classic styles. Zero Restriction, the most well known of Summit’s properties, predominantly manufactures outerwear and rain gear, and the dual lines of EP Pro and EP Sport are the women’s accompaniment to Fairway & Greene.

B Draddy apparel display in the pro shop.

The company’s largest brand, Fairway & Greene has returned its manufacturing to the U.S., helping to gain a larger market share and improve the brand’s marketability.


“The idea of supporting the American workforce, whenever you purchase the Fairway & Greene brand, has really resonated with our customers,” says Billy Draddy, creative director of Summit Golf Brands. We have also been donating $2.13 of every garment sold to The Folds of Honor, supporting the families of U.S. military veterans. That’s been the icing on the cake and we’ve been able to double our on-course market share in the knit category as a result.”

NGF Takeaways

As the majority of Summit’s sales come via private clubs and resort courses, having multiple strong brands under one umbrella” is a big selling point for pros and management. Instead of dealing with four reps, a pro can buy from just one and have access to strong brands for both men and women.


Due to its focus on supporting and developing the golf market entirely, rather than other sports markets as well (a decision finalized in 2012), Summit Golf Brands has had a competitive advantage in recent years, particularly among avid golfers.

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