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Ship Sticks


Corporate Headquarters

West Palm Beach, Florida


Key Employees

Nicholas Coleman, CEO
Jonathan Marsico, Co-Founder


Ship Sticks has been transporting golf bags and minimizing travel headaches for golfers since 2011. The West Palm Beach, Florida, company allows users to coordinate club shipments to or from anywhere in the world and works directly with more than 3,500 facilities worldwide, establishing itself as a noteworthy innovator in the golf industry.

Owing to volume discounts with FedEx, UPS, and DHL, Ship Sticks is able to airmail clubs at approximately half the price it would cost a golfer to, say, ship his clubs to Bandon Dunes ahead of a buddies trip.

Ship Sticks brought an innovative hassle-free travel experience to the golf world.

The Ship Sticks process is a simple one: Customers schedule their shipment (Online, through a partner facility, or by calling Ship Sticks), print a label, prepare their clubs, and then a carrier makes the pickup. When the golfer arrives at his or her destination, the sticks will already be there.

The company’s mission is making golf travel simpler and more affordable. It seeks to save golfers the hassle (and risk of loss) of traveling with golf clubs.

For facilities, there’s no downside to partnering with Ship Sticks, save for perhaps the minimal hassle of receiving a golfer’s clubs and making sure they’re received. In a span of seven years, 80 percent of Golfweek’s top 400 courses, country clubs, and resorts have signed on with Ship Sticks.

Pickup or dropoff, Ship Sticks makes golf travel easier.

NGF Takeaways

Ship Sticks identified a pain point – losing clubs in transit or the annoyance of lugging cumbersome golf bags through airports — and proposed a solution. While it was immediately clear shipping via FedEx, UPS, or DHL was going to be a more reliable option for safe transit of one’s golf clubs, the question was: Would golfers pay around $50 for the service?

The answer, about seven years since the company’s founding, and with an ever-growing roster of course and resort partners, seems to be an emphatic yes. By making the transport of golf clubs easier, Ship Sticks hopes to be a boost for the sport by increasing the number of participants and rounds-played.

Ship Sticks recently expanded into the skiing vertical (Ship Skis). It’s an important move for the company, and to the extent that it allows Ship Sticks to leverage its existing knowledge of logistics (and in some cases, partner relationships), a very wise one. Ship Sticks has always shipped additional pieces of luggage for golfers and Skiers and will look to enhance this in the upcoming year with the launch of a new app.

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