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Prestwick Golf Group


Corporate Headquarters

Sussex, Wisconsin


Key Employees

Matt Morse, Founder
Steve Syrjala, Vice President of Sales


Prestwick Golf Group is a leading manufacturer of golf course furnishings, with an extensive product line that ranges from bag stands, waste bins and cooler boxes to benches, range dividers and hazard markers.

Prestwick’s products are found at 86 of America’s 100 greatest golf courses, at 46 PGA Tour stops and in 62 countries around the world.

The company makes its products out of a low-maintenance, recycled plastic material, a solid hardwood, or a combination of the two.

Prestwick makes a wide range of accessories and furnishings found at golf courses around the world.

Prestwick originally started out as Great Lakes Golf Course Products in 1997. The company was founded by Matt Morse, who through a good friend, was introduced to recycled plastic. He realized that this material would be ideal to make golf property accessories and furnishings, and shortly thereafter launched this new company.

Morse’s company started out primarily making course markers and accessories in a 1,000-square foot facility in Nashotah, Wisconsin, before significantly widening its scope of offerings. The company continued expanding, establishing a new space in the golf industry in the process, and not only outgrew its old facilities but its regional name. As part of a move to Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, in 2007, Great Lakes Golf Course Products also became known as Prestwick Golf Group and today the brand runs operations out of a 60,000-square foot facility in Sussex, Wisconsin.

Prestwick’s products can be found upon arrival at many golf facilities, from the bag drop rack to the podium for the guest services team. At the practice facility, Preswick’s wares might include bag stands, driving range dividers, divot mix holders, yardage displays, range ball dispensers, trash receptacles and benches and chairs.

For on-course use, Prestwick sells flags and flagsticks, but also makes water cooler holders, ball washers, hazard & OB markers, beverage stations, scorecard boxes and signs.

In addition to using Ipe and Garapa hardwoods, Prestwick features products made out of Forever-nu Recycled Plastic, which is 97 percent milk jugs mixed with some bonding agents, colorant and UV inhibitors to ensure longevity.

In working with many of the top courses across the country, Prestwick dealt with both the hospitality industry and the core golf market. By extension, Prestwick Limited was born as a sister brand to the golf division and the company’s gateway to the hospitality market. What began as a simple golf course marker has now grown into a portfolio of brands known as The Prestwick Group that’s shipped more than $200 million in manufactured product to over 62 countries worldwide.

NGF Takeaways

With a world-class manufacturing facility, innovative designs, customizable options and durable, environmentally-friendly materials, Prestwick has established itself as an industry leader in golf course furnishings.

While the company name might not be instantly identifiable to golfers, Prestwick is widely recognizable at the facility level and often provides the bulk of essential furnishings present at many top courses throughout the country.

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