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OB Sports


Corporate Headquarters

Scottsdale, Arizona


Key Employees

Orrin Vincent II, Chairman and Founder
Phil Green, Chief Operating Officer
C.A. Roberts III, President


OB Sports is one of the top 10 golf management companies in the U.S. and boasts more than four decades of experience in the golf business.


OB Sports is involved in more than just facility operations, with an additional focus on design, business planning and construction management.


The company manages 47 U.S.-based facilities, among them Gamble Sands in Washington, Tetherow in Oregon, Monarch Beach in California, ASU Karsten in Arizona and True North in Michigan. Management services provided by OB Sports beyond operations include maintenance, HR & accounting, development, landscaping and sales & marketing.


(Gamble Sands in Washington)

The company’s roots date back to 1972, when Orrin Vincent became Director of Golf at a then-new facility called Edgewood Tahoe. He created OB Sports by handpicking a team of experts whose talents spanned all aspects of the golf business to manage, build and consult for additional facilities around the country.


Known for its innovative course themes and turn-key development, OB Sports has established a reputation for practical design and sound project management. The OB team will work to develop a golf course from a visionary stage, marketing and pre-booking the course before customizing membership plans. The company also plans grand opening parties, and organizes tournaments as well as other special events.


In addition to its customized maintenance division, OB Sports offers an in-house golf course construction company, Casa Verde, which assists in every step of a development project, from planning to successful completion.

NGF Takeaways

OB Sports has a strong reputation in the course management category, with a knowledgeable team that knows how to identify the best locations, make facilities unique and profitable, and build an effective team at the clubs they operate. The company emphasizes excellent service and the mixing of course and community.


In a competitive market, OB Sports has seen its number of facilities under management increase by almost 31 percent over the past five years.

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