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A Publication of the National Golf Foundation

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National Golf Course Owners Association


Corporate Headquarters

Charleston, South Carolina


Key Employees

Jay Karen, Chief Executive Officer

Mike Ketterman, Director of Corporate Partnerships

Hollie West, Director of Membership


The National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA) is the leading authority on the business of golf course ownership and management, providing information and education to owners and operators as well as serving as an advocate for their best interests.

A non-profit organization founded in 1979, the NGCOA is the only trade association that is exclusively dedicated to golf course owners and operators – from those who run 9-hole facilities in rural parts of the United States to the largest resort properties in the country.

Members run the spectrum, from daily-fee to semi-private, private and resort properties.

The NGCOA helps course owners understand the most important issues facing their business and supplies them with the information they need to make critical decisions. From issues such as online tee time distribution and tax policies, to workforce management and marketing, the NGCOA keeps abreast of the most important happenings in the industry.

Ultimately, in an ever-changing industry that can be significantly affected by market changes, unpredictable weather, technology and government regulations, the NGCOA’s mission is to help course owners run their facilities as efficiently and profitably as possible.

The NGCOA hosts three events: the Golf Business Conference, Multi-Course Owners Retreat and Golf Business TechCon, which provide attendees the chance to connect and network with fellow course owners and operators, learn about new technologies and solutions, and leave with tools and strategies to improve their business. NGCOA has also been publishing the leading trade publication, Golf Business Magazine, for over twenty years.

NGF Takeaways

Golf course owners and operators have to be savvier than ever today and the NGCOA is uniquely positioned to keep them informed and educated.

The organization is perhaps more essential than ever, as owners are confronted with a challenging environment that includes competition for customers’ time and money from an abundance of other recreational activities. Bringing change to a traditional game like golf can be difficult, particularly when there’s a sensitivity to avoid alienating its most loyal, long-standing customers, but the NGCOA has been able to successfully walk that line.

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