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Landscapes Unlimited


Corporate Headquarters

Lincoln, Nebraska


Key Employees

William Kubly, Founder and CEO

John Pugliese, COO

Bryce Juedes, CFO

Jim Flynn, Chief Marketing Officer

Tom Everett, President, Landscapes Management Company, LLC

Kurt Huseman, President, Landscapes Unlimited, LLC (Construction)

Roy Wilson, President, Landscapes Unlimited, LLC (Irrigation)

Larry Hanks, Senior VP, Landscapes Golf Maintenance


For more than 40 years, Landscapes Unlimited (Landscapes) has been dedicated to attracting, hiring, and developing talented people in the golf course industry, and then empowering them to build long-lasting relationships through the company’s ‘Culture First’ philosophy. This approach has helped Landscapes become a nationally and internationally recognized leader in the golf course investment, third-party management, and construction and irrigation sectors of the market.

Landscapes has built or renovated more than 1,900 golf courses and currently operates/manages over 50 golf facilities, a portfolio that has more than doubled throughout the past seven years.

By matching the best team with a clear understanding of its clients’ visions for success, Landscapes has been able to utilize its expertise and values to produce outstanding results – whether working in golf course and sports field development, ownership, renovation, and irrigation, or providing operations and maintenance management solutions.

Sutton Bay in South Dakota. (Photo courtesy: Landscapes Unlimited)


Landscapes offers industry-leading operations in management, construction, irrigation, and golf course maintenance capabilities through its family of companies – each with a specialized team of experts prepared to deliver integrated or independent customized solutions at every stage of the project lifecycle.

“We treat a client’s time and resources as we would our own, and our measure of success is receiving a call from a past client to serve them again on a future project, or a referral to assist someone they know in achieving their goals,” said John Pugliese, COO at Landscapes Unlimited.

“We believe that all good relationships are built on trust and communication,” he added. “With over 1,900 successful client engagements under our belt, we are confident in saying that no one can deliver better results with a sharper eye for managing cost and quality – all while having a little fun and building the relationships that carry us forward toward greater things.”

NGF Takeaways

Over the past four decades, Landscapes has carved out a far-reaching place in the industry, providing a wide array of resources and experts to offer qualified solutions to almost any challenge a course owner can face.

Landscapes’ expertise lies most prominently in golf course construction services, yet it also extends from irrigation installation and sports field construction, to club operations management and consulting.

Bill Kubly, the company founder and a registered landscape architect, has been one of the game’s most influential figures in course construction and renovation. Kubly’s company has worked on hundreds of courses in almost every state in the country, among them Erin Hills in Wisconsin, Sutton Bay in South Dakota, and The Prairie Club and Sandhillls in Landscapes’ home state of Nebraska.

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