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Jonas Club Software


Corporate Headquarters

Markham, Ontario, Canada


Key Employees

Jim Fedigan, Group CEO, Club and Hospitality

Joe Oswald, President, Jonas Club Software


Jonas Club Software is one of the most widely used club management software providers in the golf industry, helping clubs thrive by focusing on the creation of exceptional experiences. These experiences are delivered through industry-leading services, integrated applications, innovative technology, and long-term partnerships with the clubs it serves.

Over 2,300 clubs in more than 20 countries (with memberships ranging from 20 to 20,000) utilize Jonas Club Software technology. With applications ranging from Accounting to Retail Point of Sale, Tee Time Management, Court and Class Booking, Dining Reservations, Websites, and Mobile Apps, Jonas Club Software is the standout choice for clubs driven to offer exceptional member experiences.

Club dining staff use the Jonas Club Software Point of Sale application on a tablet device. (Photo courtesy: Jonas Software)


Founded in 1990, and now a subsidiary of Constellation Software Inc., one of the largest software companies in Canada, Jonas Club Software is considered the gold standard in golf course management technology for any public or private club. In fact, 63 percent of private golf clubs in the U.S. partner with Jonas to help run their business, though Jonas also has offices in several other countries and operates over 95 independently managed software brands globally.

In February 2020, Jonas added to its portfolio with the acquisition of Club Caddie, which offers an award-winning, cloud based, golf management software built by industry professionals.

NGF Takeaways

Jonas Club Software has, in many ways, created its own niche in the industry, drastically simplifying the traditional check-in process and enabling a club’s staff to fully manage related processing, maintenance, billing, and reporting.

Jonas is able to provide custom solutions that are catered to particular clubs and geographic areas, and the company has the experience to work with clients throughout the process to ensure they have the right mix – whether it’s software, communication, or service.

By improving efficiency and accuracy, Jonas is ultimately able to increase revenues and decrease costs, while also, perhaps most importantly, allowing affiliated clubs and their staff to focus on enriching member relationships.



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