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Greg Norman Company


Corporate Headquarters

West Palm Beach, Florida


Key Employees

Greg Norman – Chairman and CEO

Chris Dillavou – Chief Operating Officer

Michael Filon – Chief Financial Officer


Founded by Hall of Fame golfer Greg Norman, the Greg Norman Company is a global private corporation that features an extremely diverse portfolio of companies, all of which bear the iconic Great White Shark logo. Norman’s interests range from golf course design and lifestyle-driven consumer products (apparel, eyewear and wine), to an international real estate company and a diverse investment division.

For 30 years, Norman’s company was known as Great White Shark Enterprises, prior to being rebranded as The Greg Norman Company in October 2016.

Greg Norman is photographed aboard his private jet, reviewing plans for one of his new golf course design projects. (Photo courtesy: Greg Norman Company)


After winning more than 90 tournaments worldwide – including a pair of British Open titles – and holding the world’s No. 1 ranking for 331 weeks, Norman now oversees more than a dozen companies that bear his name. He’s also designed over 100 golf courses across six continents and won awards for his wine.

The newest division at Norman’s company is Greg Norman Media, a group that provides innovative and transformative solutions to golf and businesses. It also oversees the new Shark Experience initiative – a new technology, involving partners like Club Car, GPSi, and Verizon, that’s meant to enhance the golfer’s on-course experience.

“The game of golf has given me a lot, and this is a way we can give back,” said Norman.

Norman established his course design business in 1987, the same year he suffered one of his heartbreaks at The Masters with a playoff loss to Larry Mize. Despite the on-course misfortune, Norman’s design firm would ultimately be the foundation for his global corporation and brand. He created the Greg Norman Collection of sportswear and accessories in 1992 and founded The Medalist Village, a niche residential community of $1 million-and-up estates in Hobe Sound, Florida, in 1995. The following year, he launched Greg Norman Estates, a collection of 14 wines from Australia, California, and Argentina.

Other interests include a restaurant (Greg Norman Australian Grille) and a golf academy (Greg Norman Champions Golf Academy) in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; a branded line of premium Wagyu steak and beef products (Greg Norman Australian Prime); a real estate company that creates exclusive branded living environments (Greg Norman Developments); and the creation and operation of a wake park.

NGF Takeaways

Norman has been one of the most successful athletes-turned-entrepreneurs in the world of professional sports.

Like his namesake, the Great White Shark, Norman doesn’t stay still. He’s constantly seeking to grow his business, evolve his brand, reach new audiences, and expand his portfolio. Norman has been able to channel the competitive nature that made him the world’s No. 1 golfer into a hugely successful business career that rivals his athletic accomplishments.

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