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Full Swing Golf


Corporate Headquarters

Carlsbad, California


Key Employees

Ryan Dotters, CEO

Jason Fierro, Senior VP, Sales and Marketing



Full Swing is an industry leader in cutting-edge simulator technology, providing the most accurate and truly realistic indoor golf experience.

The company’s “Champion Proven Technology” can be found in the homes of major champions like Tiger Woods, Justin Rose, Jason Day, Jordan Spieth, Gary Woodland, and Padraig Harrington, as well as commercial centers, golf courses, and thousands of satisfied homeowners around the globe.

Full Swing’s patented technology and immersive experience have not only earned the trust of its customers; they’ve also led it to become the only simulator selected by Golf Channel and the PGA TOUR as their official simulator partners.

Full Swing can transform your space, your way, by creating the ultimate space to play on-demand. (Photo courtesy: Full Swing Simulators)


Despite its high price tag, with simulators starting at $39,900, Full Swing has sold more simulators than most of its competitors for a variety of reasons. When it comes down to it, though, its primary reason for success is simple. Full Swing is the only simulator that can combine overhead camera technology (which records swings) and in-flight ball measurement to actually measure club and ball data. Therefore, it shows customers’ real ball flights, just as they would be on-course (with no delay), resulting in the most complete experience on the market. ​

Avid golfers aren’t the only customers enjoying Full Swing’s 84 championship courses and multiple modes of play either, as it’s also a new way for entire families to be entertained. Whether customers are playing one of 13 interactive sports, watching their favorite shows or teams on the big screen, or enjoying their favorite game consoles in a whole new way, there really is something for everyone. ​

Over the past few years, Full Swing has experienced its most significant growth and success, under the leadership of CEO Ryan Dotters, who previously held sales roles in the golf business with Callaway, TaylorMade, and Adams. Dotters became CEO in 2015, as he simultaneously signed a partnership deal with Tiger Woods.

Under Dotters, Full Swing has expanded its product offering to provide a more value-driven solution, the Sport Series simulator. The Sport Series still utilizes Full Swing’s patented dual-tracking concept – with an overhead camera for impact and a secondary in-flight ball measurement. However, rather than using two 360-degree infrared tracks, it incorporates four high speed cameras in front of the screen instead.

In addition, the company also offers the Virtual Green, which allows golfers to replicate any putt in golf by adjusting their own putt, via a touchscreen that communicates with actuators below the surface to create breaks and slopes just as they are on-course.​

“For us, it starts every day with product. Our product is really good,” said Dotters. “We don’t get the partnerships and endorsements and deals that we do without the product being very accurate. So that’s where it starts.” ​

As Full Swing continues to grow, nearing its 10,000th simulator installation, it continues to invest in consumers’ experiences, exploring new ways to help compliment the on-course experience with innovative technology – which allows players to experience the game they love on-demand.

With partnerships like Topgolf, Golf Channel, and PGA TOUR, as well as an expanding list of athletes like Steph Curry, Full Swing has found the right partners to help grow its business (along with the simulator market) more than ever before, as the company prepares for the future.​

Tiger Woods hitting on a Full Swing simulator. (Image courtesy: Full Swing)


NGF Takeaways

With simulators becoming an increasingly popular form of off-course participation, Full Swing has the benefit of significant visibility from its major partnerships with Tour players like Woods and Spieth. It’s also aligned with companies like DICK’S, Topgolf, and Disney Cruise Line; has almost 100 championship courses in its virtual library; and does activations with major club companies like TaylorMade and Callaway.

From practice to instruction to entertainment, Full Swing is making indoor golf a reality in homes, businesses, and at golf courses.

Beyond private use, the company has been appealing to golf professionals and facilities, looking to equip them with the opportunity to extend their teaching and golf league seasons throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions.

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