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Corporate Headquarters

KBS: Boulder, Colorado - Carlsbad, California


Key Employees

David Chuang: President

Rob Cheng: CEO

Caitlin Minville: Sales Manager

Larry Bodle: Vice President, Operations

Kim Braly: Director of Research and Development and Tour Operations


KBS is the fastest growing and most innovative steel shaft brand in the industry. Since its release in 2008, over 150 professionals across the PGA, European, and Web.com Tours trust KBS shafts. That number is highlighted by 10 of Top 50 players in Official World Rankings.

KBS shafts incorporate unique and advanced shaft designs to provide golfers maximum feel and performance. Headquartered in Boulder, Colo., KBS is manufactured in partnership with FEMCO Steel Technology (FST).

Introduced in 2008, the KBS product line focuses on five shaft models: KBS $ Taper Tour, KBS TOUR, KBS TOUR-V, KBS TOUR 90, KBS C-TAPER and KBS C-TAPER LITE, along with unique new product offerings including the KBS Graphite Tour Hybrid Shaft, and KBS Tour Graphite Iron Shaft TGI. Products are available through all major golf club manufacturers through stock or custom options. KBS has a vast network of dealers, both online and in-person, who provide custom fitting, ordering, and building, as well as a revamped website. KBS Golf Shafts are now played by more than 150 tour pros and are among the available stock offerings for every Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Through FST, KBS is the company’s most noteworthy line. Kim Braly, a long-time and well-respected equipment engineer, launched KBS (Kim Braly Signature Shafts) in 2008. Billing its wares as “the most advanced steel shafts” in the industry, KBS has seen a significant adoption of its Tour Series shafts in the less than a decade since company founding.

Kim Braly has had a lifelong passion for golf and the professional tour.

Braly, an accomplished amateur, is the son of the inventor of DynaPhase golf clubs, which were the first mass-market offering make with titanium. With tour testing as a pillar of the company, Kim and his father operated one of the PGA Tour’s first “tour vans.”

Braly has followed in his father’s steps as a pioneering innovator in the golf industry. In the 1980’s, he was responsible for developing and running production for proprietary steel shafts for several OEMs. While working for Royal Precision, Braly patented Frequency Matching for graphite shafts and created the revolutionary stepless RIFLE and Project X shafts.

NGF Takeaways

Among steel shaft makers, KBS is something of a darling among professionals and equipment enthusiasts who have followed Kim Braly’s innovative work over the years.

The KBS Tour family of shafts has a serious pedigree, with a strong commitment to feedback from tour golfers and other high-level players. As the game’s best players focused more on strength and athleticism over the years, KBS’s steel shafts have followed a similar progression – carefully crafted for today’s players rather than those from the previous generation.

This type of thinking has elevated Braly (and now his company) to the unique position he occupies in the equipment space.


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