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Bluegreen Group


Corporate Headquarters



Bluegreen is the second-biggest golf facility operator in Europe, with almost 50 courses — all but one of which are in France — while also offering management expertise to more than 30 other European courses, primarily as a partner.

In 2019, Bluegreen brought on a new CEO in Pascal Locatelli, who has 20 years of experience in the luxury hotel business, including the majority of that time with AccorHotels.

Bluegreen is part of Saur, a French-based group that has been assisting local authorities in their management of public services for 80 years. Saur was originally formed to serve the extension of water supply and drainage infrastructures throughout rural France. With those ties, Bluegreen operates golf courses on behalf of local authorities as outsourced public services.

Bluegreen also has more than 100 instructors, along with approximately 25,000 members.

Bluegreen says it is focused on further improving customer experiences as customers, becoming more involved in the sports aspect of the game of golf, and developing activities that fit members’ lifestyles, while also providing them more opportunities to have fun.

For instance, Bluegreen is offering miniature golf, a pay-as-you-play app that allows golfers to choose how many holes they want to play, and technology that provides them an opportunity to compete on virtual golf courses, while also receiving real-time information about ball speed, distance and spin. Thus far, these activities have been offered to golfers at six pilot sites and will likely be provided at more golf sites in the near future.

Furthermore, Bluegreen offers a variety of other opportunities for golfers, such as the Bluegreen card (which reduces green fees at its courses by 25 percent) and the Bluegreen Academy (which strives to support talented, young golfers so they can achieve their short- and long-term goals). As a result, golfers of any age can improve their games, practice regularly and learn from Bluegreen instructors.

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