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Corporate Headquarters

Research Triangle Park, NC


Key Employees

Gilles Galliou, Head of Region Americas, Environmental Science

Mark Schneid, Head of Environmental Science, North America

David Wells, Golf Segment Manager

Lawrence Mudge, Green Solutions Team Manager



Bayer Environmental provides fungicide, herbicide, and insecticide solutions to keep golf course turf healthy and strong. The company’s golf products and resources make the superintendent’s job easier, helping to prevent and control weeds and diseases and put an end to unwanted insects.

The end result is greener turf and happier golfers.

For over 150 years, Bayer has been delivering on its mission of “Science for a Better Life.” More than a saying, it’s a philosophy the company brings to life every day. Beyond the golf course, Bayer products help keep houses pest free, highways and railways safer, and ensure healthy outdoor green spaces. The golf segment of the company is a part of Environmental Science, a business unit of Bayer’s Crop Science division.

“Innovative and affordable solutions are critical for superintendents to expertly manage turfgrass throughout the year,” said David Wells, Bayer Golf Segment Manager. “Bayer is fully dedicated to offering high performance solutions that superintendents need to manage an efficient and productive operation.”


A dedicated group of specialists – the Bayer Green Solutions Team – translates innovative research into practical, real-world solutions for turfgrass pests and stress. The Bayer Green Solutions Team finds new ways to deal with the challenges facing turf managers and communicates these through educational seminars, technical updates on Bayer products, and via social media such as its @BayerGolf Twitter handle. In addition, the “Talking Turf” blog is an online resource with updates on a variety of timely agronomic topics.

NGF Takeaways

Fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and growth regulators are not the sexiest parts of the golf business, but without them, golf courses are at the mercy of weeds, insects, disease and the dreaded nematodes, the microscopic worms that feed on turfgrass roots and prevent them from taking up water and nutrients.

Bayer not only offers courses the products they need to keep turf healthy and strong, but the latest information and advice to help superintendents succeed.

Bayer’s impact is a win-win for the golf industry, making turf maintenance easier at the facility level and golfers happier at the consumer level.

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