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Corporate Headquarters

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina (Agricultural Products Group / Golf)


Key Employees

Wayne Smith, CEO (North America)

Jeffery Vannoy, Senior Product Manager


BASF Corporation is a multinational manufacturer and supplier of basic chemicals ranging from solvents, plasticizers, and monomers to glues and electronic chemicals, as well as raw materials for detergents, plastics, textile fibers, paints and coatings, plant protection, and pharmaceuticals.

Notably, BASF is also a leading provider of all the chemicals a golf course needs to maintain pristine and playable conditions. The company’s tagline is “creating chemistry for a sustainable future” and golf is a small, but significant part of an overall $69 billion global business.

BASF produces an assortment of products for golf course turf maintenance, including insecticides, pesticides, lake and pond management, turf colorants and fungicides, that allow courses to maintain top-tier conditions all year long.

The company’s products are utilized by golf course superintendents worldwide to optimize course conditions through its host of solutions to combat disease, weed and insect control through fungicides, insecticides and herbicides used to maintain any course’s conditions through any type of weather, hot or cold.

Last year, for example, BASF introduced a new turf fungicide that provides preventative and curative control of a fungal disease that causes black patches on leaves, destroying them in a relatively short period of time.

Beyond innovative solutions that help deliver healthier, more resilient turf, BASF also provides the opportunity to learn about their latest research and findings through a podcast series, The Pin Sheet, on TurfNet Radio. Among the topics that have been discussed are: summer stress at golf courses, preparing for fall and winter, and the history, uses and best practices for utilizing turf colorants.


NGF Takeaways

BASF might not be a known name among golfers, but it’s among the biggest in the business for course superintendents.

BASF provides all the chemicals that help sustain the most important component of a golf facility – the course itself. BASF’s customers want sustainable products and system solutions, and golf courses are no exception – in fact, sustainability is one of the most crucial components of the golf industry. It’s the science and innovation of companies like BASF that keep the game, and in particular its courses, vibrant and healthy.

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