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The National Golf Foundation is driven by its mission to foster the growth and vitality of the game and business of golf. The NGF holds a unique position as the most trusted and preeminent provider of market research, marketing databases, business insights and programs that support every segment of the industry.

National Golf Foundation's Recent Articles

2020 Rounds Played Report Is Available

The NGF’s 2020 Rounds Played Summary, which provides a contextual overview of the 441 million rounds of golf played throughout the U.S. in 2019, is now available and free to download for NGF members.

< 1 min read

NGF Research Snapshot: Par 3 Courses

This infographic examines how many par 3 courses there are in the U.S., which states have the most and highlights other commonalities that give them appeal with golfers of all skill levels and ability.

< 1 min read

Short and Sweet: Par 3 Golf Courses

Del Ratcliffe fully appreciates the benefits of a Par 3 golf course. He grew up playing one his father built in 1960 on a farm about 10 to 15 miles outside of downtown Charlotte. Today, Ratcliffe owns or operates five facilities in the Charlotte area – four of which feature a Par 3 layout of some fashion.

4 min read

January 2020 National Rounds Played

Rounds of golf for January rose 11.1% nationally compared to a year ago, a strong start for 2020 attributable in part to warmer weather around the country.

< 1 min read

NGF Research Snapshot: Golf in the Sun Belt

Stretching from Florida to California, the Sunbelt is home to a wealth of year-round golf. What percentage of golfers, courses and rounds-played are in the Sunbelt?

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