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The ‘Q’uestion

Every year, millions of golfers travel far from home every year to play golf. So what percentage of golf travelers prefer to play with their own clubs rather than rent or borrow?

1 min read

National Golf Day Set for April 25

The 11th annual National Golf Day 2018 is scheduled for April 25, as industry leaders meet with members of Congress, the Executive Branch and federal agencies to discuss the more than 15,000 diverse businesses involved with golf, two million jobs impacted, and topics such as tax revenue creation and tourism value.

2 min read

NGF’s Golf by Region

Do you know which spot in the Northeast ranks fifth nationwide in golf course supply per capita? The NGF database has a wealth of information beyond the number of courses in a given region — from the number of golfing households and golfers to annual rounds-played projections.

2 min read

NGF’s New Golf Industry Report to be Released in May

The NGF’s new Golf Industry Report – a comprehensive state-of-the-industry overview – is scheduled for a May 2 release at the NGF’s annual Golf Business Symposium.

3 min read

‘Artists of the Game’ Set for Augusta Exhibition

This April, the greatest golfers in the world will again be on display in Augusta, Georgia. So will some of the game’s greatest works of art.

1 min read

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