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Rethinking the Retention Question

One of the overarching questions prompted by increased golf engagement over the past 18 months is whether the industry will be able to hold on those new golfers who have taken up the sport. But our research shows a notable difference between retention and conversion.

2 min read

Cleared for takeoff?

A return to the friendly skies means more golf trips and destinations back in consideration. Core golfers, on average, are now expecting 1.8 golf trips in 2021.

2 min read

Cracking the Code

There’s a multi-million dollar question floating around the industry these days: How do we retain more golfers, particularly in light of the extraordinary inflow of returners and first-timers in 2020 (+27% vs. ‘19)?

3 min read

What’s Ahead for ‘Zealous’ Golfers?

About 20% of the Core golfer population really upped their engagement in 2020. Can that continue? And who might take this group’s place in 2021?

2 min read

80 / 20

In examining the pandemic-induced lift golf has experienced, it’s become clear that a certain 20% of existing customers are contributing disproportionately.

2 min read

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