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David Lorentz

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Cleared for takeoff?

A return to the friendly skies means more golf trips and destinations back in consideration. Core golfers, on average, are now expecting 1.8 golf trips in 2021.

2 min read

Cracking the Code

There’s a multi-million dollar question floating around the industry these days: How do we retain more golfers, particularly in light of the extraordinary inflow of returners and first-timers in 2020 (+27% vs. ‘19)?

3 min read

What’s Ahead for ‘Zealous’ Golfers?

About 20% of the Core golfer population really upped their engagement in 2020. Can that continue? And who might take this group’s place in 2021?

2 min read

80 / 20

In examining the pandemic-induced lift golf has experienced, it’s become clear that a certain 20% of existing customers are contributing disproportionately.

2 min read

Perceptions of Golf

Golf has grabbed a lot of people’s attention amid the pandemic. What is golf’s story, and how can those in the industry present a better one?

3 min read

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