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A Publication of the National Golf Foundation

Questions, Answers and Insights for Everyone in the Business of Golf

About NGF Quarterly - The Q

Questions, answers and insights about the business of golf: this is the core vision of NGF Quarterly.

Branded as “The Q,” the mission of our golf business journal is to provide information and inspiration – as only NGF can -- while motivating change, thought and innovation across the diverse landscape of the golf industry.

The Q extends the 80-year mission of the National Golf Foundation: fostering the growth and vitality of the game while supporting the people, companies, facilities and associations that make a living in golf. NGF Quarterly seeks to do that it in a modern way, with a vibrant layout, unmatched access and proprietary research, intelligent insights, and informative and inspirational stories that readers hopefully feel is “Worth their time.”

Serving more than 40,000 golf business professionals and 20,000 golfers interested in the business side of the sport, The Q is a fact-based journal focused on the present state of the industry as well as its future growth.

While much of what NGF does is member-based and oriented, the wealth of content from The Q is available free of charge.

Distributed mid-month every month, with a particularly heavy quarterly focus (winter, spring, summer and fall), the publication is designed to be a thought leader in the industry. It’s the natural extension of the NGF’s positioning as an expert in the golf business field – a credible, reliable and trusted source of research, market intelligence and trends.

The aim of The Q is to inspire change in individuals, businesses and the game, helping grow golf and engage others to join their efforts. The expert-created content serves to not only to inform but also inspire readers to turn ideas into reality and demonstrate how successful concepts can be replicated. It’s about creating a foundation for others to build upon.