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Equipment Sales Continue Run
First-half momentum in 2021 carries over from second half of 2020

by Joe Beditz

July 2021

Golf equipment sales: a mid-year update.

The surge in equipment sales that began last May is showing no signs of letting up. Through June, YTD combined golf club and ball wholesale dollar sales are up 77% over last year and 35% over 2019.

All this equipment is not gathering dust on store shelves. Retailers we’ve talked to tell us that sell through has been very good and inventories are not getting bloated.

At the same time, equipment shipments appear to have resumed a more normal seasonal pattern, albeit at higher volume, which can be seen in the following graph comparing YTD sales for 2019, 2020 and 2021.


As we’ve said before, these next few summer months will be the bellwether for golf in 2021.

So far, the signs are very encouraging.


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Joe Beditz

Joe is in his 35th year with the NGF and has served as President and Chief Executive since 1989. One of the industry's leading experts on the business of golf, Joe has published a myriad of studies and reports about the state of the game and, as a speaker, is frequently asked to provide insight and information on consumer and economic trends affecting golf's present and future.