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April 2021 National Rounds Played Report
Play Jumps 81% Throughout U.S. After Spring Shutdowns in 2020

by National Rounds Played Coalition

May 2021

Click image to view PDF of April Rounds Played Report


The question for April 2021 wasn’t whether rounds played would be up, it was how much after more than half of the nation’s courses were temporarily closed a year ago due to the coronavirus.

The results are in and the jump was significant, as expected, with year-over-year rounds up 81.4% nationwide for April. That pushed the year-to-date total to +43.8% entering May.

The gains were evident across the country, including a YOY gain of almost 329% in the Mid-Atlantic, which is home to New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York.

The Pacific region (California, Oregon and Washington) saw a +198% lift, while the East North Central (home to golf-rich states like Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana) was up 160% for the month of April.

Six of the eight regions, including all those with northern states, were also buoyed by warmer than average temperatures.


Golf course operators are encouraged to submit their monthly rounds played data at: http://www.roundsplayed.com/cgi/home.asp

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