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Record-Setting July for Golf Equipment Sales

by National Golf Foundation

September 2020

Total on- and off-course golf equipment sales were $388.6 million in July, a single-month record since Golf Datatech began tracking golf retail sales in 1997.

Four equipment categories: balls, irons, wedges and gloves set all-time monthly sales records, a clear demonstration that the more people play, the more they spend on equipment.

Iron sales were at record levels in June and July, higher than any time over the past two decades that Datatech has been tracking the business.

With the number of rounds up over the past several months, purchases have been following suit — equipment (clubs and balls), apparel and accessories. Sales of starter sets (boxed clubs) have been exceedingly strong, with some OEMs and retailers reporting that they’ve struggled to keep up with demand, another indication of an increase in beginning golfers.

While encouraging, there’s still ground to make up after the deficits in April and May, when retail channels were drastically disrupted due to the coronavirus. Entering June, sales were down more than 31% for the year. Generally, June, July and August account for roughly about a quarter of shipments and one-third of annual sell-through, so they’re crucial months in trying to reclaim lost sales.

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