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Tracking the COVID-19 Effect on Rounds

by National Golf Foundation

June 2020

Golf has been well-positioned throughout the pandemic as a healthy and safe outdoor activity, and because of this unique advantage there’s been a lot of curiosity of late about the effects on rounds and participation overall. NGF has received and shared a number of anecdotal reports suggesting a mini surge in engagement, from full tee sheets and lapsed golfers making their return to more families and new faces out on the golf course.

The data below, provided by NGF’s friends at Sagacity Golf, gives a deeper, data-driven look at engagement in several key golf markets, comparing 2020 weekly rounds volume to the same period over the previous three years.

Since May 11, key golf markets such as Orlando, Phoenix and San Francisco have seen rounds volume increase by about 25% over the previous three years.

While it’s noteworthy that the increase in play is most pronounced in states that had restrictions on golf operations — a clear sign of pent-up demand — even in non-shutdown markets like Orlando and Phoenix there were still significant ‘before and after’ effects.

That said, not all areas have seen surges in the coronavirus era. Palm Springs is among the golf destination markets that have seen a dip in rounds volume even as courses have been permitted to reopen.

The question for the industry going forward is whether this momentum can be sustained as more activities and businesses “return to normal.”

Will there be a renewed appreciation for the outdoor escape and the inherent social distancing that golf provides, or will the return of family pursuits like youth sports bite into the surge in participation in the months ahead?


(Cover image courtesy of Kohler Golf)

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