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Studying Golf Consumers: COVID-19
Is Golf Primed to Capture Greater Share of Discretionary Spending?

by National Golf Foundation

June 2020

In early June, as the pandemic wears on, the outlook seems to improve for golf.

Fewer “core golfers” show serious financial vulnerability, according to NGF’s latest consumer research, with the proportion saying they have a considerably worse financial outlook half of what it was two months prior (11% versus 22%). Many of these golfers — the game’s best customers — continue to add to their discretionary budgets, either by decision or because of the limitations in leisure spending that are the result of business shutdowns and regulations.

Source: National Golf Foundation


Alongside this is mounting evidence (both anecdotal and empirical) that demand for the game is now higher than it’s been in years.

The obvious question becomes whether golf can or will take advantage of these favorable conditions; not just with increased play, but also with increased spending on soft (apparel, shoes, hats, bags, gloves, etc.) and hard goods (golf clubs and balls).

The answer there remains unclear, but with a build-up in golf demand and fewer ways to put leisure money to work, golf is well-positioned to capture a greater share of discretionary spending.

Source: National Golf Foundation


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