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The Q’s Holiday Golf Gift Guide
'Must-Have' Ideas from Apparel and Accessories to Training Aids and Launch Monitors

by National Golf Foundation

November 2018

Golf is always a significant part of the holiday season, even as cold weather forces golfers off the course in many regions of the country. In fact, NGF research finds that almost one in every 10 Americans plans to purchase a golf-related gift for a friend or family member this holiday season.

Whether it’s new clubs for a spouse, a training aid for dad, an accessory for a frequent playing partner or a sleeve of golf balls for a co-worker, that 10% gift-giving rate compares favorably to the U.S. golf participation rate, which is about 8% of the population. That suggests almost every golfer can expect to receive a golf-related gift for the holidays, or, perhaps some fortunate golfers might be on the receiving end of multiple gifts they can use on or off the course.

Of those purchasing golf‑related gifts this holiday season (or buying for their kids), almost 40% said they plan to spend more than $100.

Golf balls are the gift of choice of more than half (55%) of those shopping for holiday presents. Golf apparel is a close second, with about 46% of gift‑givers opting for items such as shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, socks, hats or outerwear. There are plenty of other unique offerings for holiday gifts. Here’s a look at some “must have” gift ideas for any golfer:

Ship Sticks

When winter comes, warm weather golf destinations beckon and research shows a higher percentage of golfers start taking trips by plane. One of the only downsides of these getaways is the frequent hassle of lugging golf clubs through the airport, not to mention the risk of loss. Ship Sticks minimizes travel headaches for golfers, coordinating club shipments to or from anywhere in the world. An NGF Top 100 golf business, Ship Sticks works with more than 3,500 golf facilities worldwide – so when a golfer arrives at his or her destination, their golf clubs will already be there, safe and sound. Have golf travel plans this winter? Click here to receive $25 off your golf club shipment. shipsticks.com



Imagine having the technology to play golf at any time and in a variety of ways, with insights that can take your game to the next level. SkyTrak offers a personal, portable and innovative launch monitor that delivers instant and real-time 3D shot analysis and ball-flight data. There’s also a high-definition simulation package to enhance the experience. NGF research shows that 47% of golfers have used a launch monitor, but only 4% of them use them frequently. Here’s your chance to practice and play like a pro. Elevate your game at skytrakgolf.com.

Feel The Stretch

Feel the Stretch

What exactly is the MISIG? It’s short for “Most Important Stretch In Golf” and also a device that’s designed to help golfers rediscover the strength, flexibility and range of motion they may have lost through the years. NGF data indicates that about one million golfers buy training aids every year, frequently spending hundreds of dollars. The idea of the MISIG – which first gained attention at the PGA Merchandise Show and is now used by more than 100 professionals on the PGA, LPGA and Champions tours — is to get the club head further back with more ease, resulting in a less strained takeaway and backswing. As a golf rehab and exercise tool, the MISIG will definitely help you feel the stretch. Feelthestretch.com

Chippo Golf

Chippo Golf

Golf participation is unquestionably evolving. Did you know that more than 21 million people played non-traditional forms of off-course golf last year? And that doesn’t include Chippo, which blossomed after a successful Kickstarter campaign and was voted best new product at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show. It’s like the game cornhole, only for golf, with players scoring points by chipping soft balls through different holes on the board. Created to be portable, Chippo can be used at tailgates, in the backyard, on the beach, outside the clubhouse or even indoors. Get a club in someone’s hands and see what happens. chippogolf.com



Not only an originator of ratchet belts in the U.S., NexBelt is a differentiator. The company’s founders re-engineered the original technology that first gained popularity in Asia, upgrading the leather, then designing a premium buckle that not only resembles the pin style on found most traditional belts but hides a golf ball marker behind the face of the buckle. Nexbelt also designs its own tools and molds, creating a reliable and precision-made mechanism that will leave any golfer stylishly comfortable. Almost half of all the belts the company sells are golf belts, so use the code NGF25 and get 25% off your order.  nexbelt.com

Swing Jacket

Swing Jacket

For about the same price as a couple lessons from your local teaching pro, the Swing Jacket helps anyone learn the proper golf swing quickly and easily. The Swing Jacket is designed to train your body to repeat the bio-mechanical motion that’s right for you – helping keep arms and torso connected while improving tempo, timing, balance, weight transfer, release and rotation. Built for chest sizes ranging from 26” to 53”, the Swing Jacket was developed through research with the Human Performance Laboratory and converts good swing fundamentals into muscle memory. If you’re struggling to commit to “the process,” as Tiger Woods is fond of saying, the Swing Jacket’s simplicity offers a completely different approach and a consistent swing. swingjacket.com

ProQuip Golf USA


The golf clothing market exceeds $1 billion in annual sales. And for golfers looking to stay dry, warm and comfortable no matter the weather conditions, ProQuip Golf has established itself as one of the game’s leading innovators of lightweight and waterproof golf rain suits and outerwear. Originally founded in Scotland, the company’s first designers were inspired by the flow of water off the feathers of a duck’s back. That example of waterproofing gave rise to what ProQuip calls its golf weatherwear, which combines lightweight, soft and quiet fabrics with innovative clothing technologies – from compression base layers and water repellent knitwear to the company’s trademark waterproofs. ProQuip’s ultimate aim: help golfers play their best in all weather. proquipgolfusa.com 

Seamus Golf

Seamus Golf

With roots in the Pacific Northwest, Seamus made its bones as a creator of fine wool headcovers, pouches and tools for the purist golfer, from hand-forged ball-markers, divot tools and bottle openers to flasks and holders for scorecards and yardage books. The company (named after the founders’ dog) has now added a putter to its deep lineup of goods: the Autocorrect. This handcrafted hickory blade putter brings a bit of old-world technology into the modern era and features a leather-wrapped grip that’s hand-tied with four-ply waxed linen thread. Know a golf enthusiast whose putting stroke could benefit from a little fix? The Autocorrect might just be the answer. seamusgolf.com



Although technically more Golden Bear than GOAT, Stance has partnered with perhaps golf’s greatest of all-time with its Jack Nicklaus collection. Showcasing multiple performance-driven designs in a variety of heights and styles, these officially-endorsed socks also feature Stance’s proprietary Feel360 Technology to give you that extra edge on the links. From fun Golden Bear embroideries to commemorating his six historic wins at the Masters, the Stance Jack Nicklaus collection stylishly captures legendary moments from one of golf’s most storied careers. stance.com

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